Newfangled Web Factory, Inc. ("Newfangled") engages the following entities (each a “Sub-processor") to process Data on behalf of Newfangled or it's clients.

Before Newfangled engages any sub-processor, Newfangled performs due diligence on its data protection practices in order to ensure that it provides the required level of protection for Customer Data. Click on the sub-processor name in the table below to review their privacy policy.

Sub-processors in use:

Name Country Purpose Contact Information Compliance & Security
Amazon Web Services USA, Washington Infrastructure Contact Portal AWS Security Center
FullContact Inc USA, Colorado Data enrichment FullContact Security Center
Postmark PA, US Email services Mailgun Security Center
OpenAI USA, California Sales outreach email generation OpenAI Security Center
Opsgenie USA, California Error alerting Opsgenie Security Center
New Relic, Inc USA, California Performance monitoring New Relic Security Center
Sentry USA, Wisconsin Error monitoring Sentry Security Center

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